Why the Arthurian Legends?

The Arthurian legends first cast their spell on me when I was five, hearing the tales that Thomas Mallory had set down so long before. After that I wanted nothing more than to live in Arthur’s Summerland and often spent my days battling the Saxons or competing in tourneys, armed with only a wooden spoon and a tea tray.

Throughout my teenage years Mary Stewart, Bernard Cornwall, Stephen Lawhead and Rosemary Sutcliffe each strengthened the web of enchantment that held my imagination captive. They offered different versions of the legend and of who Arthur was and through wanting to understand the worlds they had created I discovered John Matthews, Geoffrey Ashe and Mike Ashley to name but a few of the people who have spent their lives in pursuit of the ‘Once and Future King’.

I may have left my childhood far behind but I can never cast aside the tales and the magic they are steeped in for they are written on my heart. And thus I have started this blog in homage to the legends and the myriad of stories they have birthed, in thanks for the fact that they make my soul sing every time I hear them.